Virgin Media will help you spot Imposters

Three quarters of British people admit to lying to their partners, according to a Virgin TV poll – with one in 10 doing it regularly.

The research also found that a quarter of the population do not completely trust their current partner, and five per cent do not trust them at all.

The survey was commissioned by Virgin TV to mark the launch of new US comedy, Imposters, which sees a persona shifting con-artist leaving her unwitting victims tormented when they realise they have been used and robbed of everything – including their hearts.

To make sure you don’t fall for the same tricks, Virgin Media have enlisted psychologist Honey Langcaster-James to help you spot an imposter. Take a look at the video below…

Imposters consists of 10 one-hour long episodes, with the first five episodes exclusively available now on Virgin TV on demand and a new episode released every week thereafter.


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