Virgin Australia put old crew uniforms to good use

Did you know that Virgin Australia recycle 1.2 tonnes of crew uniforms every month? To ensure these uniforms are put to good use, the airline recently teamed up with In Balance Products to create teddy bears which are provided to children in emergency accommodation.

The uniforms are also used to create blankets and pillows for the homeless and those in need. Crew uniforms are issued to every new member of staff and certain items will be reissued as and when required.

"One of the most innovative uses of the recycled material started as an idea proposed by a member of staff to recycle the uniforms into items that can be used in shelters such as blankets, pillows and even teddy bears that are provided to children in need," said a Virgin Australia spokesperson.

It’s not just old cabin crew uniforms that are being recycled, either. With uniforms from ground crew, engineers and pilots all being used to help make items that can be used at shelters.

To book your flight, head over to the Virgin Australia website.

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