Virgin Australia are the Uptimists

Virgin Australia has released its new advert – and it’s all about looking up.

Centred around ‘Uptimism’, the campaign recognises the evolution of Virgin Australia and captures the spirit and values of the airline’s people and guests.

“Our people are renowned for their positive energy and can-do attitude, so in developing our new brand direction, we wanted to encapsulate this spirit that makes Virgin Australia unique,” Inese Kingsmill, chief marketing officer at Virgin Australia said. “We couldn’t find the right word to embody our belief so in true Virgin Australia style, we created a word that we call ‘Uptimism’.

“We believe that a positive and optimistic approach can open up a world of opportunities and we want this essence to shine through in our guests’ travel experiences. At a time when there is much uncertainty in the world, we believe that even when times are tough, a positive attitude helps achieve better outcomes.”

To see the effect Uptimism can have in the real world, the Virgin Australia Fan Report was launched at the AFL Grand Final to gather live data about fan data and demonstrate how it changes and influences a team’s success. “The Virgin Australia Fan Report was designed to determine how Uptimism can contribute to an AFL team winning a premiership,” Inese explained. 

“We have the ability to draw on live data such as noise levels, fan heart rate and colours in the stadium, tracking one team’s fans versus the other. We are really excited about this innovate tool and it’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of measuring the influence Uptimism has on Australian culture.”

And here’s some of the results of the Fan Report…

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