Virgin Atlantic launches signature scent

Virgin Atlantic has partnered with Rachel Vosper, the esteemed British scent designer, to create their own unique scent, AIR, in order to enhance customer experience.

The unique fragrance, which will be present in Virgin Atlantic locations both in the air and on the ground, embodies the warm and exotic. With notes of lemon, rose, vanilla, and essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus, the scent captures the four continents of the airline’s most popular routes.

"Some of our fondest memories are of our holiday adventures; and so I carefully selected some of the finest ingredients that one would take on a journey," explained Rachel Vosper. "I designed this Virgin Atlantic scent using traditional methods at my Belgravia boutique in order to maximise the longevity, so that happy holiday feeling can stay with you for longer."

AIR has already been introduced by the airline at check-in, airport gates, in Clubhouses and when boarding all cabins, as Virgin Atlantic strives to make every customer journey as memorable as possible.

For those who particularly enjoy the scent there’s the opportunity to recreate it in your own home, with luxurious candle versions of the AIR fragrance available for purchase.

"We’re committed to creating differentiated experiences that form memories of a lifetime for our customers. Together with Rachel Vosper, we’re taking the Virgin Atlantic experience to the next level with the creation of a bespoke scent," commented Daniel Kerzner, VP Customer Experience at Virgin Atlantic. "Customers can experience AIR throughout their travel experience, and will be able to purchase to enjoy at home."

To book your flight head over to the Virgin Atlantic website.

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