Tens unveil biodegradable sunglasses collection

Tens, the Glasgow sunglasses brand launched via Indiegogo in 2014 before going on to receive investment from Richard Branson, have unveiled a new sustainable collection made from 100 per cent biodegradable materials.

The team behind Tens hope that the move will encourage others within the industry to re-evaluate their own production methods, with the new collection proven to have significantly less impact on the environment compared to regular plastic sunglasses.

"We want people to feel good about what they’re wearing and we want to feel good about we’re making," commented co-founder Kris Reid. "The transition to bio acetate has been challenging given the high expense and long lead times, but we’re proud as a small company to be making this move and we welcome the bigger brands to follow suit."

While traditional sunglasses are based on petrochemical substances that burn oxygen and release CO2, the Tens frames developed by renowned Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli are derived from the renewable resources of cotton and wood pulp from a sustainably managed forest.

As well as developing new frames Tens have also looked into the science behind their unique lenses, which were developed using the experience in photography and film that founders Kris Reid, Marty Bell and Tom Welsh possess.

Working with light psychology expert Karl Ryberg Tens have been able to pinpoint the impact their warm amber hue lenses have on an individual’s mood. According to Ryberg the orange hues are representative of sunsets, when blue visible light is essentially removed from sunlight, leaving an orange-red wavelength band of 600-700nm. Our brains associate these colours with the end of the working day and an evening of rest.

"We just wanted to create a lens that made everyday life look like a 35mm photo of Venice Beach in the ‘70s, so it’s cool to know that there’s some psychology behind our theory that these tones genuinely make you feel happier," explained co-founder Marty Bell.


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