A special Virgin Media Christmas present for 5-year-old Preston

Five-year-old Preston Chandra from Birmingham received a very special Christmas present from Virgin Media this year.

The youngster has aspirations of being a ‘Virgin Media man’ when he grows up and is so fascinated by the company that his grandmother wrote to CEO Tom Mockridge to explain that his only wish this Christmas was for his own engineer uniform and ID badge.

Preston enjoys his special Virgin Media car

Virgin Media was so touched by Preston’s enthusiasm that they surprised him with a visit from two local engineers – Craig Paul and Andrew Tabberer – who brought his very own kit – a special uniform, ID badge and an electric ride-on toy ‘van’. Preston also received a special invitation from Tom Mockridge for a training session to learn all about the company’s equipment, network and how to become an engineer – the youngest recruit Virgin Media has ever had.

“I’m still lost for words to be honest!” Preston’s mum, Marie Chandra, said. “I can’t believe what Virgin Media did for Preston to make his Christmas wish come true. He hasn’t stopped talking about it since. He can’t wait until he turns 17 so he can take his driving test and join the work force!”

Preston has a go at being a 'Virgin Media man'

Craig and Andrew who surprised Preston with his gifts were blown away by his understanding of cables and equipment and hope to see him again when he’s old enough to join the team.

If you're interested in becoming a 'Virgin Media man' - or indeed woman - head to the Virgin Media careers site.


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