From solving a problem to pitching to Richard Branson

Tom Burden is the founder of Grypmat – a product he created to solve an annoying problem when he was working as a mechanic in the US Air Force.

He found that tools kept slipping off the aircraft when he was working on the fighter jets. He set out to solve this problem – and ended up doing that and a whole lot more.

Take a look at his video to see what happened…

From facing a problem, to pitching to some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, including Richard Branson. But what came next after Shark Tank?

Tom Burden pitching to Richard Branson on Shark Tank

“Since the show Richard and his team have given us access to the Virgin family,” Burden said. “We have Grypmats being used everywhere from electric race teams, all the way to the Virgin space programmes.”

Grypmat being used by Envision Virgin Racing

He added: “Gaining the support from someone I’ve looked up to since I was a child is a dream come true.”

Visit Grypmat to find out more.

Tom Burden visits Virgin Orbit, where Grypmat is being used

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