Riding Solo is the way forward this autumn

This autumn, Virgin Red wants to get you ‘Riding Solo’ and remembering to put yourself first sometimes.

This means trying new things out download the app to be in with a chance to win experiences and vouchers so you can give yourself a little 'you' time.

After all, solitude can be a beautiful thing. It’s the moment to ourselves when we step outside and feel the first rays of summer warmth on our faces. It’s the time we choose to go for a run alone early in morning headphone-free. And solitude is experiencing a rebrand. 

Although the word comes from the Latin solitudinem, which means loneliness, doing things alone is now seen as a positive, mindful thing. It’s about the luxury of being able to give yourself some space and time, and more of us are starting to appreciate this space. 

Solo trips are booming – according to an Abta report 15 per cent of travellers took a holiday by themselves in 2018, when just six per cent did in 2011. Clearly, being alone is awesome, and here are some reasons why you should spend more time alone.

You can do whatever you want when you’re on holiday

Friends all want to go clubbing and you just want to sample the local grapes? Holiday alone and you can do whatever you want. Is there an obscure museum you want to trek four miles to visit? Now you can, guilt-free, without worrying that you’re ruining the holiday for people who don’t share your love of Etruscan art. 

The best thing about solo travelling is you can go exactly where you want. If your other half would prefer to spend summer trekking through the rainforest but you’d rather spend it sunning yourself in the Maldives, then check out the Virgin Holidays sale and get tanning. 

Sitting in a park

Sit in a park with a friend or partner and you’ll probably, at some point, be expected to interact. That’s all well and good if you’re there to catch up, but sometimes all you want to do is chill and read a book to destress.

Take a picnic blanket, grab your book, and catch the last of the evening rays afterwork, alone, letting your mind empty. 

You can learn a new skill

Not everyone wants to zipline across a valley or roadtest a Formula One car, but plenty of people do. And if you’re desperate to learn a new skill or try a new experience that you know your partner or friends wouldn’t like, why not check out Virgin Experience Days to see if there’s something on there you’d like to try? 

Learn how to fly a plane or try a bungee jump for one – sometimes the greatest thrills come from giving things a go by yourself. Virgin Red are helping you do this by giving you the chance to win vouchers for Virgin Experience days, John Lewis and Amazon, so you can treat yourself to the little things in life. Simply keep your 

Go to see a film, gig or theatre show

It's becoming much more common to see solo-show goers. John, 29, from South London, is obsessed with music and goes to gigs by himself because, “I like music and I don’t just want to talk through the performance.”

For Susie, a journalist from Hertfordshire, going to the theatre alone is the perfect night out. It means she gets to enjoy what she does without having to take her girlfriend, who doesn’t enjoy the theatre. “I take myself out on a date. My girlfriend doesn’t like the theatre very much, so it just makes her miserable. I get to spend three hours watching something brilliant (or terrible) and it’s really fulfilling. I enjoy it for what it is, rather than it becoming a small part of bigger night out.” 

Download the Virgin Red App for more ideas of how to treat yourself this month.


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