New Virgin Fest musical festival for 2019

Richard Branson has announced the launch of a brand new venture, Virgin Fest, an innovative, multi-experiential music festival series coming to the US in 2019.

Virgin Fest will expand on Richard’s long-rooted holdings in the music and entertainment industry with an unparalleled experience centred around music, exploration, innovation and generosity. Virgin Fest events will aim to stand out from the crowd in the live event area with a mixture of diverse music acts, cutting edge technological experiences, exclusive content and a commitment to sustainability.

“The heart of the Virgin brand has always been music and entertainment,” Richard said yesterday, announcing the launch. “This morning I humbly accepted a star on the Walk of Fame, honouring Virgin’s long history with music and recording, and now I’m thrilled to share that we are launching Virgin Fest, an innovative music and technology experience that will be unlike any other festival series. I am incredibly grateful to have received such an esteemed honour for the work Virgin has accomplished to-date, but I can’t help but think we are really just getting started.”

Focused on music and tech, Virgin Fest events promise to surprise and delight guests with popups, seamless upgrades, and innovative VIP experiences. With Virgin’s signature customer service and hospitality focus top-of-mind, Virgin Fest will take no small measure to ensure all guests are comfortable and have everything they need to enjoy their festival experience.

Virgin Fest has assembled a world-class team with over two decades of experience in large-scale live entertainment and festivals, including co-managing directors Jason Felts, who is also CEO of Virgin Produced, and Bryan Gordon, founder of the KAABOO music festival brand.

“Our brand’s commitment to the music industry coupled with my partner’s shared appreciation for one-of-a-kind experiences makes the launch of Virgin Fest that much more exciting,” says Jason. “We look forward to bringing guests a positive festival experience so unique, and so inclusive, that it could only have been born at Virgin.”

Announcements regarding date and location, as well as lineup and ticket sales will be made at a later date. For more information on Virgin Fest, follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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