Listen: Virgin Trains' manager hosts Radio 1 quiz

Darren Jones is already one of the Virgin Trains’ most-loved train managers thanks to his regular onboard quizzes. And this week he was invited to take on quizmaster responsibilities at Radio 1.

A listener of the breakfast show had taken part in one of Darren’s quizzes and let the station know about his talents. Host Greg James welcomed Darren into the studio to take the hot seat for Yesterday’s Quiz, where contestants have to answer questions about events that took place the previous day – Darren even got his very own jingle for the day!

Take a listen to how Darren performed…

Greg and Darren had so much fun hosting the quiz together that they're making plans for Greg to come onboard Virgin Trains and host one of Darren's quizzes in the future.

Listen out for Darren’s quizzes onboard Virgin Trains services from London Euston. Visit Virgin Trains to book your next trip now.


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