How Virgin Orbit is helping get smaller satellites off the ground

Virgin Orbit has been working for the last four years to build a small satellite launcher, which will change the game when it comes to getting satellites into space.

Our Planet Is Changing

The way that we explore, connect, inspire and protect the planet is changing as fast as the planet itself. Satellites are becoming smaller and less expensive to manufacture. At the same time, with investment flooding the industry, the list of satellite builders has become larger and more diverse.

Image showing the Virgin Orbit team

But even the greatest satellites are no good if they can’t get off the ground. A lack of affordable, flexible and responsive options for launching satellites means that they’re stuck on the ground. But Virgin Orbit is set to change that.

They have developed a flying launch pad that will help satellites get to where they need to go, when they need to get there. Using a converted Boeing 747 to air-launch satellites on its LauncherOne system, Virgin Orbit will be able to launch on short notice, flying from where needed to get a satellite to the necessary orbit.


Virgin Orbit also recently announced its first deep space mission. Visit Virgin Orbit to find out more.


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