Go behind the scenes of Virgin Experience Days' Christmas ad

It might only be November but we’re getting pretty excited for Christmas already. And when Virgin Experience Days' Christmas advert landed in our inboxes we simply had to share it.

Craig Francies, lead designer at Virgin Experience Days, has revealed what went on behind the scenes to create the animation.

“It all starts with an idea. And ideas start with Post-It notes,” he explains in a blog on the Virgin Experience Days website. “We take our favourite ideas away and start thinking about story concepts. These go through the motions until we feel like we’ve nailed it. Then I’ll pull it together into an animatic (this is like a story board with a timing structure).”

Once he had designed his characters, Craig admits to pulling in a few volunteers from around the office to help make the movements as natural as possible. “It’s always good to have a reference point for animation (think guys with plywood strapped to their shoes for Toy Story), so I drafted in one of our copywriters to do some acting,” he says.

Take a look at the full behind the scenes video below to see how the advert came together.

Head to the Virgin Experience Days website to see all the gifts that they have on offer – and if you want to give something back this Christmas, why not give a donation to Virgin Unite on behalf of your loved one? 


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