Do it at dusk with Virgin Red

Awoooooooo! That’s us howling at the moon, just in case you weren’t clear on what that was.

And Virgin Red (the app where you are rewarded for living a life more Virgin) are doing that because howling at the moon is just one of the things you could do at dusk. As high up on your list of things to do at dusk as that would be, we’re going to tempt you into other nocturnal activities all this month on Virgin Red.

Throughout October Virgin Red will be showcasing all the best things to do at dusk that our Virgin partners and friends have to offer at night. That’s why you’ll find a murder mystery break for two in our Vaults, a London Dungeon visit in one of our Reverse Auctions and tickets to a theatre show in one of our Flash Friday giveaways!

Plus, on the October 22nd we’ll have something spook-tacular to look forward to from Virgin Games, so stay tuned – you won’t want to miss it…

To get some exclusive offers or to be in with a chance of winning some brilliant prizes throughout October, download the Virgin Red app and sign up now.


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