A day in the life of Virgin Atlantic cabin crew

If you’ve ever dreamed of stepping into the red uniform and taking to the skies as Virgin Atlantic cabin crew? This is your chance to see what working for the airline really involves.

Virgin Atlantic recently followed cabin crew Emma Ashley with a camera for a day to see exactly what a day in the life of cabin crew looks like. So if you’ve ever wondered what really goes on behind the galley curtains, take a look below.

From arriving at London Heathrow at 8am to the pre-flight briefing to getting onboard flight VS7 to Los Angeles, before Emma’s even met her customers for the day, she’s had a busy morning. During the 10 hour, 28 minute flight, Emma, along with her four fellow cabin crew members in the rear galley, serve 223 passengers drinks, snacks and meals. By the time she reaches LA, Emma has walked more than 12,000 steps

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