Converting waste products into jet fuel

Agilyx – the leader in converting waste plastics to fuels – has entered into collaboration with Monroe Energy to produce lower-carbon crude oil for jet fuel.

Agilyx announced the collaboration with Monroe Energy along with a commitment to supply up to 2,500 barrels per day of Agilyx's synthetic feedstock, ASCO. Monroe Energy, a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, will refine the feedstock into jet fuel for Delta. 

"This is a capstone achievement for Agilyx," said Joe Vaillancourt, Agilyx's chief executive officer. "We are very excited to be working with Monroe Energy and Delta. As we advance the number and types of products we are able to make from waste plastics, this project marks the first truly commercial-scale facility that will advance the new plastics economy."

Agilyx, Sustainability

Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson, an early investor in Aqilyx said the following about the exciting new partnership: "This is a major step forward in the search for a cost effective low carbon aviation fuel. The beauty of the Agilyx process is it will take waste plastics, which are a major problem for the environment, and turn it into something useful. I am excited by the opportunity and pleased that Monroe Energy and Delta are looking to collaborate on this ground breaking project."

Agilyx plans to locate a production facility near Monroe's refinery – developing the plant in phases until it reaches a production capacity of 2,500 bbl per day by the end of 2020. "The Agilyx technology is an innovative process, reducing the amount of plastic that is currently being landfilled," said Jeff Warmann, CEO – Monroe Energy. "I am proud that our company can play such a significant role in converting waste plastics into useful jet fuel for Delta."


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