Change is in the air at Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has announced that since 2007, it has reduced its carbon footprint by 24 per cent.

The airline has released its latest sustainability report, Change is in the Air, revealing what it is doing to reduce its impact on the environment.

Since 2012, the airline has been replacing its fleet of four-engine aircraft with two-engine aircraft, making them more fuel efficient and quieter. Alongside this, Virgin Atlantic has had a partnership for a number of years with Lanzatech, exploring alternative fuels. Lanzatech uses waste carbon produced in manufacturing processes to create jet fuel and Virgin Atlantic hopes to be able to complete a flight powered by Lanzatech's fuel in the next 12 months.

Sustainability is about more than just the planes in the sky, though, and Virgin Atlantic's move into VHQ has helped them to reduce emissions from their real estate. In fact, emissions from their two buildings, VHQ and The Base are down by 25 per cent. They're also working to improve recycling within those buildings and are encouraging employees to think about their waste.

Virgin Atlantic's purpose is about more than just the environment and in recent years, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays have both partnered with other organisations to make a positive impact on the world. Virgin Atlantic works with WE on the ground in destinations to help create sustainable villages and also in the UK to empower young people to make change in their own communities. And Virgin Holiday has partnered with the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean to support local businesses in the area.

Find out more about how Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays are working to make the world a better place in the Change is in the Air report on the Virgin Atlantic website.


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