Are you ready for the half-time team talk?

The world is gripped with World Cup fever and Virgin Media are weighing in with talk of tactics, strategy and those ever precious goals.

In 2015 the team set some ambitious sustainability goals with their ‘five in five’ plan – a set of long term goals put in place to transform the way Virgin Media do business for the better. They're currently at the halfway point and are picking up the pace – moving sustainability away from being a ‘nice to have’ to positioning it as a key company driver, central to how they work and grow.

So, as the tournament reaches its crescendo in Russia, we invite you to join Virgin Media’s half-time team talk – a straight-up review of how they’re delivering against their goals, how they’re championing their sustainability successes, and what key areas of focus they have for the years to come.

Read Virgin Media's 2017 Sustainability Report: Half-Time Team Talk

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The half-time analysis 

It’s been a strong start for Virgin Media with some great results achieved in the first half (aka the past two years):

  • Launching a product scorecard influenced the social and environmental impact of Virgin Media's products. A great example of this was their Virgin TV V6 set-top box, which now uses less than half the power and is made of 21 per cent less plastics, metals and electronics than their previous box.
  • Despite the significant expansion of their network, Virgin Media have reduced their carbon footprint by 8 per cent and achieved a 69 per cent reduction in carbon emissions per terabyte of data used.
  • More than 77,000 small businesses have joined the Voom Pioneers community, taking part in the Voom competition, workshops and tour stops – all providing them with new opportunities to grow.
  • The pioneering Virgin Media/Scope partnership aims to provide one million disabled people with the advice, skills and confidence they need to get a job or stay in work by the end of 2020. Along with funding Scope’s new digital employment service, Virgin Media have taken a number of steps to become a better employer of disabled people. This includes implementing a disability action plan to remove the barriers disabled employees may face in workplaces.
Virgin Unite, Virgin Media, Sustainability

They’re 1-0 up at half time – making progress, but with plenty to do as they head to the full time whistle! The second half’s about to start and the team at Virgin Media are ready for kick off. 


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