Accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles

Envision Virgin Racing has confirmed a new partnership with electric vehicle charging technology company, ChargePoint.

ChargePoint is the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, with more than 54,000 places to charge worldwide. This collaboration underscores the commitment by both companies to encourage more people to drive EVs.

The chargers will be available to businesses at Silverstone Park and local residents and commuters outside of normal business hours. Through the ChargePoint app, any EV driver can find places to charge on a variety of charging networks.

Sylvain Filippi, Envision Virgin Racing’s Managing Director, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with the leading brand in EV charging technology, ChargePoint, and to have installed six charging spots, adding to the growing availability of fast and convenient charging. As the technologies in Formula E improve it’s positive to see that the charging infrastructure in the UK is growing at the same rate, making EVs more accessible to all. The ability to charge at your workplace, in addition to your home, is a key enabler to electric mobility.”

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“As well as helping to accelerate EV technology both on-and-off the track, the team is also strongly committed to raising awareness of climate change and sustainable mobility, so this move further demonstrates this commitment.” He added: “We would also like to thank Silverstone Park for their assistance with this project and their continued support of the team.”

Sylvain features on the Earth Unscrewed podcast episode, Driving Change. Listen in to learn about the acceleration of electric car technology and the immense benefits these will have for both drivers and the environment.

Tony Mills, Director, Commercial Accounts & Channels at ChargePoint added: “ChargePoint is thrilled to partner with Envision Virgin Racing to provide the necessary charging solutions for their employees as well as EV drivers in the larger community. ChargePoint is committed to helping enable the mass adoption of electrified transportation and ultimately get every driver behind the wheel of an EV. To achieve that goal, drivers need the ability to charge easily, reliably and conveniently everywhere they go, where they work, shop and play. We’re delighted that Envision Virgin Racing is joining us in supporting the e-mobility revolution by implementing EV charging solutions that will help drivers go electric.”

Envision Virgin Racing is one of 11 teams competing in the Formula E series which returns for its fifth season in December. It remains one of the leading advocates of sustainability through its Race Against Climate Change programme, and recently had its core operations certified as carbon neutral.


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