Welcome to your new Virgin Tribe! From 9am on Monday, 22nd September 2014, https://tribe.virgin.com will direct you to the new Virgin Tribe site in UK and South Africa.

We’ve pulled together these handy tips to guide Virgin Tribe members throughout the launch.

Q: How do I log in to the new Virgin Tribe site?

A: From Monday, 22nd September 2014, the People team at your company will be distributing new red Virgin Tribe cards to each member of staff. Each card will include a new Tribe ID number. This 14 digit number is unique to you, and will allow you to login to the new site, set up your new username, password and preferences. Until you’ve received your card (which is on its way – don’t worry!) you won’t be able to access the new Tribe site just yet. In the meantime, you can continue to access your account on the old site by going to: https://tribe.corporateperks.com/login

Q: How do we use the Tribe ID cards?

Your new Tribe ID card serves two primary purposes: firstly as a record (and a good reminder) of your unique Tribe ID; secondly as a symbol of belonging to the Virgin Tribe. On some occasions (e.g. when travelling on Eurostar) presentation of the card is requested in order to confirm that the person is a Tribe member, so it's best to keep it handy.

Q: What is the difference between the old site and the new Virgin Tribe?

A: The new Virgin Tribe has been developed based on feedback from Virgin people around the world. It’s a dynamic, customised site, available on all mobile devices, which learns about you as you use it, and is more distinctly Virgin. The new Virgin Tribe includes three key differences:

  • Access to bigger and better deals from the Virgin family and our partners, alongside money can’t buy experiences
  • It allows you to ‘like’ and save deals which appeal to you, and alerts you to new deals, based on preferences you set
  • The opportunity to write reviews, share deals and stories, and access reviews from your fellow colleagues around the group

Virgin Tribe is your connection to the global Virgin community. Check out the new Virgin Tribe video  for a quick tour.

Q: What does it mean for my old Tribe account?

A: Your current account, including any outstanding bookings and WOW points, will remain open until close of business on Friday, 31st October so that you have time to finalise any outstanding transactions. You may login using your existing details at https://tribe.corporateperks.com/login

After October, we will contact any users with instructions on how to access pending transactions.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about deals on the new Virgin Tribe platform, or to share ideas and feedback?

A: You can contact the Virgin Tribe team by emailing tribe@virgin.com. We will attempt to respond to all queries within 24 hours. For questions about terms of specific deals, please use the vendor’s contact phone number/details provided.