The instrument that's a piano, guitar and drumkit all in one

Good news for all musicians: there's a new instrument being developed that could enable you to record the drums, strings, piano and guitar parts for your new album all on one instrument.

INSTRUMENT 1 from Artiphon, a music start-up based in Nashville, enables musicians to play multiple instruments simply by plugging into an app. Currently receiving funding on Kickstarter, it will enable anyone to pick it up and start making music, regardless as to how much knowledge you already have of music.

It's an "instrument that can really translate your musical intention, your music, into sound," Artiphon founder and CEO Mike Butera explains.

INSTRUMENT 1 is highly customisable too, with the ability to play it like a guitar, piano, drumkit, or violin, and it also allows players to turn frets off, adjust the sensitivity or turn off strumming altogether. And the best part? It's always in tune and you'll never break a string.


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