The coolest music video cameos

This week, we had the unexpected pleasure of seeing Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul turn up in a Bristol band's music video. Mr Paul is certainly not the first to be invited into some of our favourite bands' creative projects. Here's a few cameos you may not know, and some you totally will. *Cough* Christopher Walken flying *Cough*

Daniel Radcliffe meets Slow Club 

As well as an enjoyment of destroying dark wizards, and running around naked with horses, Daniel Radcliffe is also quite partial to a number of cool bands. In the video for Sheffield-based band Slow Club (a band that Radcliffe has long since expressed his fandom with) Daniel Radcliffe finds himself in London's Finsbury Park, swilling people's left over drinks, and getting a bit squiffy. 

This is a tad cooler than co-star Emma Watson's indie-band foray, when she starred in a One Night Only video - as a dog. 

Robert Downey Jr. gets melancholic with Elton John 

From one man enjoying a tipple to a man who decidedly did not. After a hard time during a flux in his career, troubled Chaplin actor Robert Downey Jr. suffered a come down from Academy Award nominations and 80s' crush status to a spiral of drug and alcohol abuse. 

Thankfully, close friend to the stars (he even wears star-shaped sunglasses sometimes) Elton John was at hand to help a brother out, in 2001 asking him to star in his first acting role post-arrest, by lip synching to his hit track I Want Love. 

Directed by video-artist Sam Taylor Wood, the video simply features a thoughtful Downey Jr. walking around an empty house. Maybe he should have sung I Want Furniture instead.

Christopher Walken flies for Fatboy Slim 


Back to professionalism now. Here is another Hollywood cameo from a gentleman who certainly is doing a bit more with his floor space. 

Often the hands-down winner of Top Music Video lists, this Fatbloy Slim number also from 2001, explores the narrative of a man (Christopher Walken) who likes to have a dance, before flying around an empty house. Directed by Academy Award-nominated director Spike Jonze, the video is quite simply a soaring success. 

Actually a trained ballet dancer, Walken already had the moves before he took on the UK hip-hop classic.

Bruce Willis goes for a drive with Gorillaz 

Damon Albarn's cartoon critters Gorillaz do get around considering they are fictional. 

After releasing newest single Stylo in 2010, (in conjunction with latest album, Plastic Beach) the Gorillaz recruited Bruce Willis to play a gun-toting action hero in their accompanying video. You know, just in case Bruce Willis was worried about getting typecast.


Tilda Swinton turns into David Bowie 

Upon his comeback last year, the former Ziggy Stardust recruited a fellow androgynous chum to help him sing The Stars are out tonight, in a suitably bizzare turn from Tilda Swinton. 

Starring as Bowie's wife, Swinton and Bowie battle the media as they strive to keep their love, with Swinton eventually resembling the Life on Mars singer more and more as the video goes on. 

Real life comrades, Swinton recently referred to David Bowie in a speech as "everyone's favourite alien cousin". Good point.

Jake Gyllenhaal kills teenagers for The Shoes 

Ever been to a party and wanted to, you know, wreack havoc and violence on every young person having fun?

Not us, we love parties. But Mr Gyllenhaal over here, is another matter. In 'Time to Dance', the unusual cameo saw the Donnie Darko star getting a bit agitated, to the extent of brutally murdering every one in the video. 

At quite a long seven minutes long, Jake even has time to pop to the gym at the end of this wild crusade by the French band.

Helena Bonham Carter runs a library sexily for Rufus Wainwright

And finally, here's gothic idol Helena Bonham Carter in a very saucy bookish situation. Out of the Game, released in 2012, is produced by fellow celebrity pal Mark Ronson. The video features Carter playing a new role as "a straight-laced librarian driven into a lustful frenzy." Too much 50 Shades of Grey at lunch break, perhaps. 

In terms of their friendship outside the video, Rufus Wainwright claimed that Helena 'stalked him' during the singer-songwriter's strain of London shows. This explains all the roles in Tim Burton movies then. 


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