Sounds of 2014

Leave NME on the shelves (where it belongs) and get ready to give your ears a post-Christmas present as we tip you off with the best acts to catch in 2014 - minus the bitching, backstabbing, and bore.


Hungover? Sexy dinner party (for two)? Long bath? Banks can cater to all of that and more. The Los Angeles electronic soul singer, keyboardist and songwriter can't help but let you melt into an emotional puddle of lava.

NB. Best enjoyed with a large glass of Rioja, or Malbec - your choice. 


Still swishing that glass (bottle) of red? Great stuff. Because now, we dance! Introducing another LA lady with a penchant for sultry smooth R&B next to a dash of electro sass.


Raised between Southampton and London (now very much a Londoner - when not touring), the lovely Louisa Rose has already a series of collabs including Zedd (Grammy nominated what?) and Rudimental. Away from her famed friends however Foxes is taking over 2014 with her doe-y brown eyes, lengthy locks and virtuous vocals.


NY Duo ASTR are pretty secretive about the whole music thing. Having met in yoga they began to form a few beats in downward dog (I made that up), and what beautiful beats they are. Scour the internet far and wide for these two, as you're unlikely to see a tour anytime soon.


There seems to be a recurring theme for 2014 - sultry sombre vocals with an minimal electronica twist, wouldn't ya say? Multi-talented Brit Sohn not only sings on his records, but plays and produces pretty much everything that hits your chilly little ears. 

Tove Lo

Don't let the pop nature of Sweden's sweetheart deceive you - her brutally compelling lyrics set her aside from the Rihanna and Miley moans. Just take a listen to the forver-high solution (not advised) to dealing with a break-up.

Best for: melodramatic breakups.

Say Lou Lou

The coolest twins since Mary Kate and Ashley, Elektra and Miranda Kibley have been beautifully crafting up some elegant electropop. Their music is sharper than their cheekbones but smoother than their soft wavy 60s-esque waves.

Warning: explicit content - we love explicit content!

Bipolar Sunshine

Leaving Kid Bristish behind, Manchester's Adio Marchant is back with mellow catchy hooks and profound lyrical story telling. His upbeat musical demeanour is one that'll take you right into 2014, and one we've already been playing out quite a bit at Virgin HQ.


Straight outta Nashville, Tennesse this three-piece lo-fi R&B trio follow a musical theme for 2014 - which isn't at all bad. 

Made in Heights

Made in Heights are a duo comprised of vocalist Kelsey Bulkin and Blue Scholars' Sabzi. They team take their home-made pop and sprinkle it with magical atherial vocals, feed it some synth inducing fairy dust and voila - tracks that you can't help but leap around to like a newly born doe.


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