Live Life Better: Exploring smell

Joining her in the studio this week are Lizzie Ostrom, an author and perfume expert, Niko, Earl of East, a multi-sensorial lifestyle brand, and Annee de Mamieel, an acupuncturist, aromatherapist and skincare expert.

But what did we learn about smell and how to interact with it?

Embrace your sense of smell and break free from the rules

There are lots of things you can do to make smell fun again. Too often we reach for the same perfume or the same scent, but Melissa Hemsley’s guests described how there are no rules. Niko told the studio that he’s wearing “the scent I wore when I married my husband”, which makes him feel happy.

There was also the suggestion to “get a load of scents, at a time that feels right, and trial them”, because scents, just like colours, are playful and your perception of them will change depending on a variety of factors, from your mood, to the weather.

“Basically, smells should be accessible, fun and not intimidating,” the guests agreed.

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Sprinkle oils on the floor of the shower

We lament that we don’t have enough time to do the little things in life. Perhaps we’re always running around, stressed. Perhaps we want to book a massage and enjoy a spa day but we just don’t have time.

Smell can lift us out of our bad moods.

“Sprinkle some oils on shower floor and run hot water...which will help inspire you,” advises Niko, a handy tip on how to boost our mood duirng the day. Try doing this with different scents to achieve different outcomes.

Aromatherapy teaches us that different scents can be used for different things: “use rose to help sleep at night” and everyone knows already that lavender is relaxing, while citrus can help wake us up in the morning with a zing.

Find the right scent

“Don't doubt yourself when trying to find the right scent and keep trying continuously,” the guests all agreed.

Finding the right perfume shouldn’t be challenging. It’s a fun, exploratory exercise and one that you should embrace when you’re in the right mood.

“Get a load of scents, at a time that feels right, and trial them,” says Lissie Ostrom. “Explore and play with what you think you're fond of.”

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