Why an idea is no longer enough in business

An idea is no longer enough. Today, you need to turn an idea into something tangible if you ever want to get the support needed to turn it into a business. 

Luckily, it is easier than ever to do so. Here are some great websites that can give you the tools to turn an idea from a piece of paper, into something you can use to pitch to investors or convince others to join you, as you look to make that 'Eureka' moment into a successful business. 


Codecademy is a website offering free interactive coding classes in the most popular languages of today. If you want to create a website, build a mobile app, or write a computer program, you can go from knowing nothing about code to building an idea stuck in your head and create what you have imagined.

A great example is Tommy Nicholas, who after learning to code for less than three months on Codecademy built Coffitivity – one of the best 50 websites of 2013 (voted by Time Magazine).


Companies like CreativeLive are not only exposing people to inspirations capable of sparking a great idea, but they are equipping them with the skills to create a successful business.

The website streams live broadcasted classes given by the world’s top talent in the field of: photography & video, art & design, music & audio, craft & maker as well as money & life. CreativeLive is a one stop shop for anybody looking to learn some new skills and what it takes to build a creative product. Some of the most popular classes for 2014 were The Power of Body Language, Fundamentals of Digital Photography , Building a Creative Blog and Turn Sketches and Drawings Into A Pattern.


An idea needs investment and outside support if it is going to grow into a real business. Indiegogo is one of the leading crowdfunding platforms, allowing anyone to start a campaign and everyone to support it if they choose to. Anybody with an idea can now raise funds, build an online community and spread the word about an innovative idea.

In August 2010, SKULLY Systems launched a campaign to raise $250,000 for their idea to build the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet. Two months later and the campaign had raised close $2.5 million, through nearly 2,000 funders. Not only has SKULLY received funding, but they have also got a list of customers eager to buy the product when it is built.

So an idea is no longer enough. And this is a good thing. Being forced to explore an idea further and turn it into something real will force you to redefine it along the way, improving it as a result. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and sometimes we need a kick to take the first step and make it happen. Think big. An idea is only ever an idea until you make it happen.

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