Why the future is looking brighter (and emptier) for landfills

Did you know that most of the plastic waste you throw into a recycling bin can’t actually be recycled?

A recent feature on CBS news noted that "Anything dirty or contaminated by food usually gets sent to a landfill...a staggering 91 per cent can't be recycled."

With over 200 million tonnes of plastic around the world ending up in landfill every year, and many more millions of tonnes ending up in the ocean and on beaches, there's never been a more urgent need to create smarter recycling solutions.

Luckily, Agilyx, an alternative energy company, is on the case. It converts difficult-to-recycle waste plastics destined for landfill into valuable resources.

Richard Branson invested in Agilyx back in 2014 and since then they’ve continued to create chemical and circular recycling pathways through sustainable processes.

World leaders in chemical recycling, Agilyx take their environmental stewardship seriously – dedicated to eliminating plastic waste, converting plastics and polymers into valuable products, expanding material recovery options and empowering local communities.

Agilyx, Sustainability

According to Bill Cooper, CFO of Agilyx, 95 per cent of what goes into Agiliyx centres can be reprocessed. "With chemical recycling, we break down plastic to its core building blocks – down to the molecular level. Unlike mechanical recycling, which takes the plastic and reforms it into a usable pellet again," explained Cooper.

Agilyx’s approach is revolutionary, as it creates new, sustainable supply chains that impact multiple market sectors. Last year Agilyx announced a collaboration with Monroe Energy along with a commitment to supply up to 2,500 barrels per day of Agilyx's synthetic feedstock, ASCO. Monroe Energy, a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, will refine the feedstock into jet fuel for Delta.

The future is looking brighter (and emptier) for landfills. 


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