Why collaboration is key for bloggers

For all types of business, collaboration is really important. But for those who are turning blogs into businesses – ‘blogpreneurs’, if you like – there are few who have succeeded without clever collaboration with other companies and brands. Here are four reasons why collaboration is key for a successful blogger. 

1. It allows you to be at the forefront of what’s new

When a business releases a new product – whether that be a new clothing line, hotel or tour – they will sometimes turn to bloggers and influencers over traditional advertising to help promote it. This means that leading bloggers are now getting the opportunity to be associated with new and exciting products.

“To be able to show my readers new and lovely products that I genuinely like and believe in, I’m not only acting as a source of news for them, but I can also show I've got my finger on the pulse as a blogger,” says Becky Wiggins, founder of English Mum. “What's more, when I collaborate with a brand on a special offer or giveaway, I know my readers are getting genuine value from what they're reading - and the brand is equally gaining publicity too.”

2. It helps you grow into a respected business

Collaboration through affiliate marketing is a great way to transform your blog from a hobby, into a potential career. The income may start small if you have a modest following, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly it can snowball as your readerships grows.

“Collaborating with brands through affiliate link schemes (for example, Skimlinks or Reward Style) is one of the most powerful things you can do to grow your blog into a business,” says Catherine Lux of Lux Life Blog.

“From posting about a skincare product on my blog, I not only earn some money for myself each month through an affiliate link, I have also earned the company I worked with over £50,000 in sales in just two years, due to my referring customers. 

“A second example is a small organic beauty business from Surrey I created a video on YouTube about. They experienced such a boost in business following referral emails from my readers in the USA wanting the products, they were able to expand to suppliers in the USA.

“As a blogger, these are the kind of impressive case studies you can use time and time again to show your worth as a business.”

3. It helps you gain prestige

In the highly-saturated blogosphere, making your blog stand out is trickier than ever. But if you hone your niche and form thoughtful collaborations with respected brands it may eventually earn you that all-important prestige.

“Collaboration really is key for bloggers and I collaborate with lots of different brands and bloggers on almost every project I do,” says Monica Stott, founder of stylish adventure blog, The Travel Hack.

“I recently collaborated with a luggage brand, Cabin Max, to design a Travel Hack Suitcase. I worked really closely with the designers to ensure it’s a case I adore, and I know my readers will too. Getting involved in collaborations like these are key to gaining prestige as a travel blogger. Not only does it provide an extra stream of income, it helps you continually build on your reputation as being influential in your industry.”

4. It helps strengthen your brand values 

It can be easy to jump at the first chance of a company collaboration when you’re in the early stages of blogging. But it’s important to choose your collaboration carefully, says Sabina Trojanova of Girl vs Globe.

“The key is staying true to your core brand beliefs,” says Sabina. “My blog focuses on living sustainably, from responsible travel to eco-friendly fashion. So, it would make absolutely no sense for me to collaborate with a company whose business practices degraded the environment or infringed on workers' rights. It would go against my philosophy which would then lead to me losing loyal readers who follow me because they trust my voice and judgment.

“Play the long game, don't get blinded by money and you’ll be halfway to becoming a respected blogger.”

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