VOOM Podcast - Love and connections with Venntro and Causr

Nikki Bedi introduces a show focusing on the business of love and connections, featuring one of dating’s biggest, yet anonymous success stories - Venntro Media Group.

Founded by Ross Williams the company has pioneered white-label services for the industry, powering over 25,000 partner sites worldwide and serving near to 50 million users. They are also joined by James Eder, whose new app, Causr, is looking to connect business professionals using geo-location. 

Plus, Happiness and Change Consultant Samantha Clarke gives her top tips on approaching challenges, speaking as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week for Virgin Media Pioneers.

If you'd like to subscribe to the podcast then you can do so by heading over to iTunes. Alternatively, why not take a listen back to our other shows from season one of the VOOM Podcast.


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