Virgin StartUp ‘foodpreneur’ winners land game-changing US deals

Three of the winners at the recent Virgin StartUp Foodpreneur competition are now on track to see their British products launch in the huge US market…

A couple months on from their victories at Foodpreneur, three UK food start-ups may well have just made a life-changing visit to the US. Cauli Rice, Double Dutch Drinks and Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea all successfully pitched to US retail giant Target Corporation, during a recent US trip organised by the Virgin StartUp team. The London based foodpreneurs are now finalising the logistics of a six month product trial at Target’s stores, and if successful, will see their food products rolled out to all 2,000 stores across the US.

"It’s good to see the ‘Made in Britain’ brand is as strong as ever abroad and this is further proof it still carries a lot of weight in the USA," commented Richard Branson. "I’m delighted for Cauli Rice, Harry Brompton’s Iced Tea and Double Dutch - and pleased Virgin StartUp has helped provide the platform to launch their products to an international market. I'm sure their journey will be an exciting one."

You can see how the trip to the US went down, including networking onboard Virgin Atlantic flights across the pond and a stay at the Virgin Hotel in Chicago, in the video below.

Cauli Rice is a rice alternative made from Cauliflower, which has 75 per cent fewer calories and counts towards your five a day, Harry Brompton’s London Iced Tea provides alcoholic and non-alcoholic teas made from Kenyan black teas, and Double Dutch sells premium soft drinks and mixers.

"We’re over the moon that Target is interested in stocking Cauli Rice and it’s really reassuring to see our product so well received in countries like the United States. The Virgin StartUp Foodpreneur competition really helped accelerate our entry into the US market, which has always been a priority for us," reflected Cauli Rice founder, Gem Misa.

To find out more, head over to the Virgin StartUp website.

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