The Virgin Podcast - Tyler Winklevoss

My guest today on the Virgin Podcast is Tyler Winklevoss, one half of the Winklevoss twins – or the Winklevii as they’re also known.

Tyler has quite a CV. He’s studied at both Harvard and Oxford, he and his brother represented the US in rowing at the Beijing Olympics. The twins are serial entrepreneurs and investors, having made good as early adopters of bitcoin.

Their latest venture is Gemini, a digital asset exchange, now operating in the US, UK and Canada. It aims to take crypto into the mainstream.

We find out about bitcoin and ethereum - where both are currently at. As investors, we find out what the twins look for in an entrepreneur. And we get Tyler to tell us the Facebook story.

If you’ve seen the film The Social Network, you’ll know the twins gained a certain amount of notoriety a few years ago for their role in the early development of Facebook, a story which ended up in a court case for which the twins received a pay-out of according to Wikipedia of the small matter of $65 million dollars.

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