The Virgin Podcast - Sir William Sargent

If you’ve seen Gravity, Paddington, The Martian or the Avengers films, then you’ve been watching the work of Framestore, one of the UK’s largest and most successful visual special effects studios. My guest this week is the company’s co-founder and CEO, Sir William Sargent.

This is a difficult and competitive sector – why has Framestore succeeded where others have failed? Sir William tells us the whole story

One danger is complacency. Despite winning numerous Oscars, Sir William doesn’t even attend the ceremonies, preferring others to enjoy the limelight. Instead of dwelling on past success, he is questioning his company’s current relevancy. "If you think you've arrived, then you are on a very dangerous slope," he says.


With 1,200 employees spread across offices in four different cities around the world, he also explains how London is the easiest place to run a business. This is in no small part down to his own work at the Cabinet Office and the Treasury, where he helped slash through swathes of regulation to become known as the red tape Tsar.

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