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The 1993 Bill Murray film, Groundhog Day, is, for all the comedy, considered one of the most spiritual movies ever made – a parable about good karma and change.

Today’s guest, Paul Hannam, explains how we can use the wisdom of that film to take control of our lives and break out of our daily grinds, our own Groundhog Days.


"Every day when we wake up we can improve the quality of our day," he says. "We can create a magnificent day or a terrible day."

He goes on: "The happiest people I’ve met are the people who live in the present and who are absorbed in what they are doing … and they live congruently with their values. At home, at work - they don’t pretend to be anyone else".

Paul Hannam’s The Wisdom of Groundhog Day: How to improve your life one day at a time is published by Yellow Kite.

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