The Virgin Podcast - Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert

Husband and wife team Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are known around the world for their (often controversial) analysis and insight on the wildly popular Keiser Report.

The route to their success has been anything but mainstream. They didn’t rise through the ranks on CNN, Fox news or the BBC, instead they embraced the new media that the internet made possible, and looked to the new global TV stations of emerging nations.

As we find out their story and we hear the advice they have for people, based on their own experiences. Both are big advocates of making mistakes.

"The best things that have happened to me happened because of huge mistakes," says Stacy. "My massive mistakes cut off avenues. They burnt bridges. I couldn’t follow that path any more, and I had to do something else – and that led me into the unknown."

It’s a real joy to have these eclectic personalities on the show. I couldn’t have them on and not talk about their subjects, so in the first part of the show we discuss what is happening in the world and why – we get their views on the banking and housing crises - and we quickly move on to other matters. In this interview, you’ll see a side of them you don’t usually see.

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