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"When people say to me I’d love to be a writer, well, fine, write." So says my guest on the Virgin Podcast this week, Mark Dawson.

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Mark is a self-publishing impresario, one of writing’s recent success stories. In 2010 he was not a practising writer. Last year he wrote over a million words and had over a million downloads. He got to this level while working full-time.

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"No one said writing is going to be easy, but it’s never been easier," he declares.

"I’m convinced someone has written the next great British novel some time in the last five or six years," he says. "But no one will ever read it because they’re not prepared to push that book. It will never surface on Amazon. It will be sunk down in all those millions of books."

To be a writer today, you have to also be an entrepreneur.

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