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Hello and welcome to the Virgin Podcast.

My name’s Dominic Frisby. I’m a writer-performer from London. You might know me from my articles about bitcoin here on the Or you might know me from the stand-up comedy circuit, as a contributor to Moneyweek or perhaps as the author of various books.

Dominic Frisby

Today, I’m here to tell you about a new venture I’m starting with Virgin – the Virgin Podcast.

We’re very excited about it.

Each week we’re going to be interviewing somebody interesting. It might be a well-known entrepreneur, somebody who’s written a new book, somebody from the world of tech or travel. The main thing is that they’re interesting – and that they’ve got a great story to tell, one we can all learn from.

We’ve already got some superb interviews in the can – with Tony Blair’s former head of strategy, Alastair Campbell; with Moneyweek’s founder, Merryn Somerset Webb; and with George Zarkadakis, who will tell you all there is to know about artificial intelligence.

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Our first interview is with Luke Lang, co-founder of CrowdCube, one of the world’s leading crowdfunding investment platforms.

Luke tells us how his company came about. We discuss crowdfunding – the success stories, the opportunities, as well as good crowdfunding techniques. We also tackle the issue of what makes a good entrepreneur.

Luke Lang

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You can also listen to the show here. We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think below...


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