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A new genre of book has taken the publishing world by storm – colouring-in books for adults. I’m not joking. Four of Amazon’s best-selling books of 2015 in the UK – across all genres – are colouring-in books.

This week I’m joined on the show by one of the pioneers of the form, ink-evangelist Johanna Basford. To give you some idea of the phenomenon that is taking place, in China over three million copies of her first book, Secret Garden, sold in less than three months. 

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Image from Johanna Basford Facebook

Image from Johanna Basford Facebook


How is something like this happening?

“People are screen weary,” she tells me. “They are craving something real that you can hold in your hands. They need a digital detox.”

She tells me her story, her methods and all about her latest book, Lost Ocean.

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