The Virgin Podcast - Alyssa Smith

"My life is a fairytale," says Alyssa Smith, one of Britain's most inspiring and influential young entrepreneurs. Jewellery is a life long passion for Alyssa. She strung her first necklace, at the age of just four and never stopped. She started her business, Alyssa Smith Jewellery, in 2008 since when it has gone from strength to strength.

Still under 30, Alyssa is ranked in the UK’s top 50 entrepreneurs and is the national ambassador for the Federation of Small Businesses.

In this episode of the Virgin Podcast, you'll hear about how she has successfully used social media to grow her business; why she is a believer in apprenticeships; and why she won't be opening a physical shop any time soon.

Listen to this episode and get insight into what is clearly a sharp business mind. And, for precisely the same reasons, follow her - @AlyssaJewellery – and see how cleverly she uses social media.

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