The Virgin Hotels approach to creating a thriving community

For many people travel is just as much about the journey as it is the end destination, but whatever your view on getting from A to B everyone wants to arrive in a vibrant and welcoming place.

With everyone spending so much time on their screens it can be easy to immerse yourself in work emails or social media, even when you’re out on the road. So how do Virgin Hotels encourage chance encounters and personal connections in their properties?

The Commons Club

The Commons Club at the heart of each hotel is where work and play intertwine, think a membership club without the heavy fees or stuffy atmosphere. You can expect to find everything from DJ sets to live entertainment and fashion soirees to entrepreneurial talks.

Many guests take the opportunity to work on their laptops in the Club during the day, while by night it’s the perfect setting for a bite to eat or a pre-dinner cocktail. Virgin Hotels has also recently announced a revamp and refresh of its guest preferences and loyalty programme, The Know, which includes a nightly complementary happy hour, aptly dubbed the Spirit Hour.

Art, music and fashion

People have always been brought together by the arts, which is why Virgin Hotels place such a high value on curating the best in art, music and fashion across their properties. From fashions shows in the Commons Club, art installations at the front door and DJ sets on the rooftop, there’s always something out-of-the-ordinary to get involved with.

To find out more about their creative approach, check out this interview with Blake Smith, their Executive Director of Entertainment.

The Virgin Voice

So, want to know how to keep on top of it all? Enter The Virgin Voice, your guide to a world or weird, wonderful, tasty and fist-pumping food and arts – both inside and outside the hotels.

Head over to The Virgin Voice now to read about Dave Navarro’s recent appearance at Virgin Hotels Chicago and an interview with Executive Chef Adrian Garcia at Virgin Hotels San Francisco, who shares his thoughts ahead of the big opening.


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