Tips for succeeding in a crowded market

Young entrepreneur Eric Sanchez and his experience technology company, Revl, are going head to head with action camera giant GoPro. After an epic kitesurfing adventure with Richard Branson, Sanchez says he was inspired to learn the Virgin way of disrupting a crowded space…

Here Sanchez offers up three tips on how to succeed in a seemingly monopolised market.

1. Address an obvious need

"All start-ups should be thinking, what frustrates me and how can I make it better?" Richard Branson

As an engineer and competitive kitesurfer, I often tried to create videos using a GoPro attached to my kite. Over time, I became more and more frustrated with the hours of shaky footage and days it took to edit a short video, so I decided to create Revl and redesign the entire user experience.

Sir Richard Branson tests the Revl Arc on Necker Island

2. Focus on the customer

"There is no point in going into a business unless you can make a radical difference in other people's lives." Richard Branson

Realistically, for every hour of video captured there are probably only a couple minutes of good footage. Even less if the camera doesn't have stabilisation. Rather than forcing customers to edit hours of footage, Revl identifies the best part of any video using emotion recognition and motion detection. We can automatically detect your craziest jump or most exhilarating moment.

Imagine a world where people could share all their best moments instantly. We live in a constantly connected world. No one wants to go home and edit footage after surfing an epic wave or capturing an exciting moment.

Revl’s 4k action camera and smart editing software finds your best moments automatically based on your motion and emotion. Sounds a little crazy, right? The camera’s built-in sensors track your speed, rotations, elevation, location, and more.


3. Be the underdog

"Success comes to the underdog who doesn’t let sleeping dogs lie, and instead shakes up the market by doing things differently." Richard Branson

Revl is entering a highly competitive space stacked with big names like GoPro, Sony, and TomTom. But we’re not worried about the competition, Revl is doing something unique when it comes to editing and sharing videos. I’ve travelled around the globe interviewing professional athletes, adventurers and Sir. Richard himself, to understand their challenges with today's action cameras.

As an athlete and avid explorer, I can honestly say today's action cameras suck. There's a race to add more pixels each year, but no one is truly addressing the editing process. Revl has created a user-friendly solution, so anyone can edit and share instantly.

Revl is more than just a new action camera, we're inviting thrill seekers everywhere to join the Revlution and shoot, edit, share instantly.

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