Three lessons in harnessing hyperconnectivity from the VOOM Podcast

The latest series of the VOOM Podcast saw entrepreneurs from a range of industries reveal how they leveraged the power of new technology to scale their businesses. Here we take a look back on some of the best tips from series four...

1. There’s no magical formula for viral content (Jamie Boulding, Jungle Creations co-founder)

With the success that Jungle Creations has experienced, it’s easy to suspect that they’ve found a magical formula to make every piece of content 'go viral'. But Jamie says that’s not the case and there's a lesson in here that every business should learn when it comes to using any new platform to connect with customers - be they existing or potential.

Jamie Bolding (Jungle Creations), presenter Nikki Bedi, Martin Adams ( and Emma Gannon (author)

"I think the thing is with social media, it’s always changing, it’s always adapting, the algorithm is changing so that formula is always going to be old," he explains. "The main mission is just to try to make content that resonates with people, that evokes emotion, that’s the basic stuff. The way you that and the different formats will change over time."

But how did Jamie even realise that this was a viable option for a business? He says: “I think it was because of the sheer numbers of people that were using the platforms, Facebook and Twitter, and the opportunity to show these people videos or send them to websites or show them information or utilise that massive opportunity. It was just the sheer numbers and having that access to people through Facebook or Twitter or Instagram just showed there was a huge opportunity there.

2. Your great idea doesn’t have to be made into an app to work (Michelle Kennedy, Peanut founder)

"So many people say to me ‘I’ve got an idea for an app’ and to be honest I often think... just take a step back, you don’t have to start with an app," explained Michelle Kennedy.

Michelle Kennedy (Peanut), presenter Nikki Bedi and Doctor Sue Black (#TechMums)

"What you’ve got is a concept that you think will work and it’s not because it’s an app, it’s because it’s a tool or a problem solver. You can test and learn that without having to make it into an app, why not try something through a Whatsapp group for example. You should be seeing what the appetite is for the idea before going full on in to building an app."

3. Numbers matter - but not necessarily in the way you think (Emma Gannon, author and influencer)

Emma Gannon admits that she is "all about the numbers" - they’re the way that she judges if a piece of content has been successful or not. "That’s obviously something that you need to grow and to get interest in what you’re doing," she says. "I’m all about that percentage of people who actually care. I think we’re all over the whole ‘influencer with millions of followers when no-one does anything.’"

As Emma says, the important thing with numbers is less about followers and more about engagement. For example, she explains: "I have quite a small following on Instagram - I would say like 20,000 - but apparently I’ve got the same engagement as someone as big as Kim Kardashian because of the percentage conversion. I think that’s quite interesting for brands because why would you just go for the biggest person all the time?"

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