Take a look inside the Virgin Games offices

Which Virgin company is based in the most iconic location? There’s some stiff competition but it’s hard to look past Virgin Games, who call London’s Piccadilly Circus home...

We all know what the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus look like, but what about on the inside? Gamesys, the parent organisation of Virgin Games, recently refurbished their office space, so we took some time to go down and check it out and speak with Brand Manager Zara Easton.

What’s the best thing about the working environment at Virgin Games?

I think the way we have fostered an environment built around collaboration and creativity. We actively seek ideas and inspiration from across our teams and the working environment is set up to support this. We have our sixth floor dedicated to quiet working and our first floor set up for break outs, informal meetings and downtime to play pool, table tennis or the xbox. The first floor also has a customer experience and research facility so we can always keep the player at the centre of what we do.

Are there any features in the office that make the workspace unique?

We create a lot of our own games and many have fun characters that our players love. These characters feature around our office environment, such as Tiki monkey and Jin the red panda who find themselves larger than life in our reception area.

In your opinion, what goes into making a great workspace?

Having a sense of identity and ensuring that this comes through in the workspace is really important in my opinion. Lots of people look to Google or Facebook and try to replicate what they have done - this is great if it reflects your values and remains true to your business, but if that’s not what you’re about it will feel false and won’t resonate with your teams.

Our teams have done an awesome job of celebrating our DNA through the workspace and creating a unique environment that fits with the way we all need to work – areas for collaboration, quiet working, creativity and places to celebrate success together. 

What role does technology in the office and how do new innovations impact the way you work?

Technology is absolutely core to what we do - we’re an online business after all - so it’s expected that we can access and connect to what we need wherever we are. This sounds obvious, but many businesses aren’t set up in this way.

From tools like Skpye for Business, to utilising Whatsapp at a team level, to being able to instantly connect in each meeting room, we have the technology required to create the best we can for our players. Even in our pods and break out areas you can sync your work and present, discuss, debate it in a more informal setting - technology really shapes the way we collaborate, create and share.

What one thing would you improve or change about the Virgin Games office?

That’s a really tricky one - I think we’ve got the balance spot on in terms of creating a fun environment that’s right for business. It’s an impossible ask, but some rooftop space would be pretty special - that’s the one change I’d have if it were possible!


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