Six things we learnt at Business is an adventure LA

Last week saw the inaugural Virgin Atlantic Business is an adventure event take place in Los Angeles. Streamed live on the hour long discussion was full of expert advice for anyone looking to grow their business, so what were the panel’s top tips?

As well as checking out the top tips below, you can take a look at the full video from the event, the best photos from the day and Richard Branson's reaction.

Richard Branson: Think of the world as one country.

"If you have a great idea, like Tinder of WeWork, you shouldn’t just think of the country you live in. If you’re in Great Britain don’t just think about Great Britain, think of the world as one country - it’s a lot more fun to do business this way. The key is to come up with a brand for your company that can work internationally. You need to think globally from the start and it’s a surprise that a lot of people don’t."

Cassey Ho: Listen to your community.

"I’ve always listened to my fans, which I call popsters, for guidance as to what’s next. They were the ones who first told me they really liked what I was doing. The immediate feedback of social media is so useful, you can test things in real time. If you put something out there and it doesn’t work then just retract it and try again. Trust your community and make sure you’re there to serve them."

Sean Rad: Search for solutions, not problems.

"Entrepreneurship is about finding a problem, then looking for a solution – not looking for a problem."

Miguel McKelvey: Never stop fighting for what you believe in.

"If you were accused of murder and you didn’t do it then you would fight forever until you were exonerated, you’d never give up. So when you’re in an industry that you believe needs to be changed then you have to have that same attitude. If you’re never going to give up then it doesn’t matter what the competition does, you just need to keep fighting it non-stop until you win and make a positive change."

Richard Branson: Run your business like a family.

"I would hope that everyone in this room is running their company like a family. If you do that then you can not only enjoy the good times together but when things are tough it’s a lot easier to rally around and help one another."

Sean Rad: Diversity is key.

"What’s special about LA is the diversity you have here. When you walk out of the Tinder office and down the street you see people from different backgrounds, different professions – it makes you feel a lot closer to who you’re building these products for. For any consumer tech company, or any company for that matter, the better you understand your customers the better decisions you’re going to make. In LA the people in the businesses and the people you socialise with all help to give you a very diverse perspective."


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