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This is Lustir – the world’s first reusable carbon fibre drinking straw. Lustir was created to provide a great way to taste, while reducing plastic waste.

It seems like every day we find ourselves reading about a company, state, or country banning single-use plastic straws. All of this may leave you wondering, how will people in the future enjoy a Frappuccino or a chocolate shake? Lustir can help you still sip responsibly.

Sustainability is trending. It is now commonplace for individuals to carry reusable water bottles. And at last, it’s cool and admirable to use reusable straws. Lustir straws jazz-up any cocktail or refreshment. They’re quite a conversation starter, which helps open the dialogue of encouraging others to forgo single-use plastic straws. When you carry a Lustir straw, you’re informing the world that you’re committed to environmental sustainability. With the launch of Lustir, we are hoping to start a new norm – BYO straw.

Virgin Unite, Lustir
Virgin Unite, Lustir

Lustir is a combination of the words “lust” and “stir”. It is pronounced the same as the word “luster”. We think it’s quite fitting for the product’s form and function. Carbon fiber is a high-performance material most commonly known for its use in high-end bicycles and exotic cars because of its combination of high strength and low weight. Is it overkill for drinking straws? We don’t think so. Here’s why:

  • The straw is wide enough for smoothies, yet subtle enough to sip a cocktail.
  • This straw is strong, providing a great tool to stir a beverage. It can also muddle fruit, which leads to enhanced flavors.
  • The material is completely tasteless, allowing the beverage to maintain its true flavor. Our product is completely sealed and uniquely BPA-free.
  • Carbon fibre is lightweight and tough, making it easy to transport in a pocket or purse.
  • Carbon fibre does not conduct temperature well. Be it a hot or cold beverage, the sensation on your lips will always be comfortable.
Virgin Unite, Lustir

Lustir straws come in an attractive magnetic closure display box. Each box contains four straws, a cleaning brush, and a carrying pouch. The tall straws are great for your iced coffees, smoothies, sodas, high-ball cocktails, thermal tumblers, and… coconuts. The short straws are ideal for any low-ball cocktail, morning juice or milk, and so much more. The carrying pouch enables people to have them handy in a purse or pocket. The straws are also eye-catching when on display at a home bar.

It’s time to forgo single-use plastic straws without needing to compromise the satisfying beverage experience.

Get Lustir so you can do good while enjoying your favorite beverages - use the code LiveLifeLustir to receive 10 per cent off your purchase. Sip responsibly!

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