"PTSD helped me to become who I am today": Selma Nicholls


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When Selma Nicholls started Looks Like Me in 2016 it was because her daughter questioned her own identity when she couldn’t see people who looked like her in the media. So Selma Nicholls set up her own talent agency to do just that. Based in Tottenham, North London, she has cast advertising campaigns with her mission to diversify what is viewed as beautiful through inclusive castings, increasing the visibility of underrepresented children in advertising content and accessing the arts.

Looks Like Me aims to redefine beauty by raising the profile of underrepresented groups in the fashion and advertising world.

She received a start up loan from Virgin StartUp, and went on to win the Black British Business Awards in the arts and media category.

18 years ago she experienced a traumatic knife attack, and as a result, began to experience symptoms of PTSD. She shares her story for the first time here, on Virgin about her support structure and how it changed her life.

In the words of Selma Nicholls: “So for me, PTSD, mental health #LooksLikeMe"




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