Next generation workspaces, they're literally everywhere

Over the past 30 years, there’s been a ton of different trends in workspaces: closed cubicles and offices, open plan offices, home offices, remote workspaces, co-working spaces. To be fair, these are all great but the next big trend you’re going to see over the next decade is this: workspaces everywhere.

It’s not that location-specific jobs are going away, it’s just that it’s easier for companies to hire the best talent in whatever location they exist – no matter the proximity to the office.

The last five years have seen massive improvements in both culture and the capability to make this a reality. People like Sean Ogle are collecting workspaces around the world like Pokémon card collections. Companies like Mobile Jazz are taking advantage of remote working and taking their team (and their families) on trips around the world. Spaces like WeWork and Impact Hub are letting people get access to workspaces in major cities around the world.

Plus, the benefits that a traditional office environment provided are quickly finding alternatives sprout up everywhere that makes an “office” in the sense of Ricky Gervais’ series all that much less unappealing. The main functions being: technology, communication, community, and cost.

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Technology is more accessible, cheaper and portable than ever. You no longer need to go to a designated spot where the machines are like you had to do in the days of the manual labourer.

Instead, as long as you have an internet connection, you can be anywhere and everywhere and the machines that we use to work can fit in your backpack.


It’s easier than ever to communicate with a distributed team worldwide. At Impossible Ventures, we have a distributed team across 3 continents and manage it all using Slack, Skype, Asana, Github and a few other minor tools.

The fact that you can communicate instantly with someone 12,500 miles away instead of charting a ship to take you across the world or hoping that carrier pigeon technology pans out, is nothing short of a modern day miracle.


The water cooler used to be the place where you got your daily dose of community - talking about the daily news with your peers, catching up on their life, etc. Now, as the everywhere workspace movement has caught on, community has manifested itself in other ways.

It’s easier to find people based on interest - rather than proximity. In addition, the advent of communities like, Dynamite Circle and Wanderlust Circle, focused on travel and entrepreneurship - make it easy to stay in touch with people you may have more in common with than just the fact you work at the same company.


Flying is getting cheaper than ever. Travel Hacking allows people to fly around the world for just a few hundred dollars and have a high quality of life in amazing places around the world. Technology is cheaper than ever too - you can run a full fledged video production studio for a few thousand dollars rather than a hundred thousand dollars.

Not to mention that cafes, bars and beaches are all free workspaces offering free WiFi and welcome remote workers willing to pay for a drink or two while working in exchange for an office space and the views aren’t half-bad either.

So there you go - the offices of the future? Everywhere. Are you ready for it?

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