Listen up: The happy playlist

When it comes to changing your mood, putting on your favourite song is tried and tested. While there are many Virgin companies that pride themselves on spreading happiness, few have the opportunity to touch as many people through music on a daily basis as Virgin Radio Lebanon...

With this in mind, we asked the team to send us over the tracks that are making them happy this month - click play and let us know if it has the desire impact on you!

"The emotions one experiences when hearing music always varies depending on the mood one is in. The tone and lyrics of songs have an impact of their own. At Virgin Radio Lebanon we play a wide variety of music from the Top 40 commercial hits, to some great 90s tracks, and even some Oldies," explains Marketing Manager, Jenny Abou Jaoude.

"We aim to spread love and happiness across the airwaves with the music we play and the shows that go live. However, we will also accommodate you if you are feeling a little under the weather or even incredibly romantic! In the words of Bob Marley 'When the music hits, you feel no pain'.

"At Virgin Radio Lebanon, one finds themselves within a very flexible atmosphere, surrounded by colleagues that work nonstop and as a team. The cohesion of the team in turn makes the employees happy. Without teamwork, and without the love for what we do, running Virgin Radio Lebanon would become a duty rather than a joy."


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