The LDN Muscle guide to getting healthy in 2017

Say hello to James, Tom, Max and Lloyd - aka LDN Muscle. With so many of us hoping that the new year acts as a turning point for our health and wellness we thought it was only right we get some tips from the guys behind one of the UK’s most successful home-grown fitness enterprises - LDN Muscle.

This month the boys release Leaner Fitter Stronger - a complete guide to changing your body and mind through eating well and working out.

As you’ll see below, the fitness advice and recipes are fuss free - perfect for people who lead busy lives and want to start making a difference to their routine today. Check out the two exclusive extracts below (click the images to enlarge), which feature exercises you can try out in your front room and some great healthy smoothie combinations.

The book features over 65 simple recipes with bright colour images - from a quick and tasty benedict omelette for breakfast to the perfect after-work vegan burger, it also includes snacks on the go, 'four-ingredient wonders' and delicious naturally sweet stuff. Most recipes are set for one to two people; perfect for whipping up at home after a busy day at work, or easily doubled to impress guests.

The fitness section tackles common fitness myths including the misconceptions that weights ‘bulk’ your body, or that you have to do cardio every day to make progress, as well as the truth about supplements. The brothers give step-by-step instructions (including images) of Tabata and HIT (high intensity training) circuits. Easily adapted to whatever your day looks like, and memorised, they don’t cost a cent and can be done anywhere that fits your lifestyle - at home, at the gym, or the park.

You can grab your copy of the book right here.


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