Introducing Live.Life.Better.

Introducing Live.Life.Better. - your ultimate guide to self-improvement. If you want to become more productive, adopt a healthier lifestyle or just learn how to sleep better, this is the podcast for you...

Whether at home, work or play, this podcast aims to do exactly what it says on the tin - help you live life better. From Virgin Books, in association with Penguin Living, Dominic Frisby (formerly of the Virgin Podcast) presents a new series of conversations with inspiring authors and experts on subjects from productivity to fitness, creativity to happiness.

With insights and practical advice, our amazing guests will talk you through simple life hacks and introduce you to pioneering new thinking - all whilst sharing their own stories of trial, error and discovery along the way.

The first episode launches on January 27th, where the focus is on physical fitness. Head over to iTunes to subscribe or join in the conversation via #LiveLifeBetter on Twitter.

If you can’t wait until then, why not take a listen to another of the Virgin podcasts:


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