Inside Detroit

Detroit, one of the world’s great comeback cities. Over the next few months we’ll be spending time with the entrepreneurs, artists and musicians helping to restore the city to its former glory, through a new wave of passion and innovation...

Detroit: City of design

it was with great pleasure that we came across this wonderful video highlighting so much that is great about the city, featuring many of those who we've featured in our Inside Detroit series. From the Russell Industrial Center to Shinola HQ, see how many of the stars of our series you can spot.

Inside Detroit: A city suffering from culture shock?

The current controversy surrounding the arrest of internationally renowned artist Shepard Fairey, for illegally tagging properties in Detroit, has raised an interesting point about the city’s attitude towards its rich cultural heritage...

A city powered by soup

Is Detroit Soup the world's most innovative crowdfunding project? We sit down with founder, Amy Kaherl, to find how what makes a good 'Soup' and what drives her to covene these popular events.

The Russell Industrial Center

Fifteen minutes from Downtown Detroit, the hulking seven building complex looks to the uneducated eye to be another abandoned building waiting its turn to be to be put out of its misery. But once inside, you soon understand it’s magic.

What does the success of Shinola tell us about the city’s future?

There’s no question which company is telling Detroit’s story both inside and outside of the city limits. But is Shinola a sign of much better things to come or part of a trend that should concern locals?

Behind the city's secret door

While some forms of art, such as street art and sculpture, are able to thrive in the city, many other forms are suffering as a result of changes to funding and mindset. We step through the city's secret door to find out what the future for performance arts looks like in the city...

Ain't Too Proud To Pitch

Four of the hottest start-ups in Detroit got the chance to pitch their business ideas to Richard Branson and an expert panel last month. Here we catch-up with the businesses to see what impact the experience has had on their outlook.

Start-ups in the Motor City

What are the pros and cons of starting a business in Detroit? We take a tour of the city's co-working spaces to find out the state of the ecosystem that entrepreneurs can expect to encounter.

What do the city's signs tell us about its history?

Designer Mark Potts takes us on a sign and typography tour of the city, unearthing a collection of signs that let us into the city’s mixed past. 

How manufacturing turned to arts

We travel to a disused scrap metal warehouse, otherwise known as the Detroit Design Centre, to meet the Nordin brothers – two Detroiters applying the city’s manufacturing prowess to modern art.

Infographic: Everything you need to know about Detroit

Find out all the stats that make the Motor City rumble; from street art to slow rolls and Motown to tourism. 


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