Infographic: The collaborative economy honeycomb

The collaborative economy is big, and it's growing fast. It enables progressive people who want to access goods and services from people just like them, and to get them quickly...

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The collaborative economy (or the sharing economy) is the newest phase of the internet. We started by sharing media in social networks, now, we’re sharing all aspects of our lives with each other. The press has reported that people are sharing their cars, homes, and even their money. But now, it’s spreading to other areas of our entire eco-society.

Honeycombs are a great metaphor for collaboration. Both are efficient and resilient. They’re efficient because there’s no wasted space in or between the cells. They’re resilient because their structure is built to handle a lot of weight. This infographic illustrates how many individuals work together to build, share, and access resources collectively.

This one, single image, the Collaborative Economy Honeycomb, reveals how this movement impacts money and the financial sector with crowdfunding, P2P lending, and crowd-created crypto-currencies. It shows how people are sharing homes, cars, time, and physical goods. The outer cells of the image demonstrate how the collaborative economy is spreading to healthcare, logistics, inside of established corporations, public utilities, municipalities, and educational institutions. 

Examples of sharing start-ups include cities sharing equipment with each other on, rather than spending taxpayer dollars to purchase expensive equipment from traditional suppliers. Diabetic patients are supporting each other by sharing their insulin, monitors, and personal experiences on People living in densely populated areas are even sharing their excess closet space on 

This movement is big. It’s powerful, And, it’s all being enabled by the now common mobile technologies that nearly everyone carries in their pockets. If you’d like more information on the collaborative economy, access my body of work on this topic. Familiarize yourself with the honeycomb, then find additional graphs, data, and reports. Use the Honeycomb graphic as a map, as a guide, and as a resource to consider how you might participate, share, and collaborate in the powerful, new collaborative economy movement.

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