In focus: Was 2014 the year of the entrepreneur?

Richard Branson kicked the year off with a trademark, bold prediction. 2014 was set to be the year of the entrepreneur and he was sure of it – but has time proved him right?

"2014 will be a year of many big ideas, because it will be the year of the entrepreneur," explained the Virgin Group founder. "We've seen the growing trend of entrepreneurship being embraced as a positive way to create the jobs of the present and the future. From being a dirty word in the past, now entrepreneurship is increasingly being celebrated and encouraged - as it should be."

It's true that what we have seen is record numbers of start-ups being registered, more support offered than ever before to would-be entrepreneurs and everyone imaginable attempting to build up their own personal brand. But is this what a global entrepreneurial revolution looks like? All month long we ask the experts for their opinion, so have a read of what they have to say and then let us know what you think.

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2014: The year of the entrepreneur next door

2014 was the year of the entrepreneur next door. As many thousands of everyday people around the world leveraged technology to share or borrow goods rather than buy or own them... 

2014 was the year of the digital entrepreneur

In January of this year I packed my life into three bags and moved halfway across the United States. I didn’t have to worry about my job because I work for myself, from my computer, from anywhere in the world...

Why 2014 was the year of the exit strategy

At the time of writing there have been over 56,0000 new businesses started in the UK in 2014, according Companies House statistics gathered for StartUp Britain...

Why we started businesses in 2014

2014 saw an explosion of start-ups – but what were the factors that made this the year that everyone decided to go for it? A burgeoning tech scene, the glamour of start-up life, the availability of low-cost resources, a longing for a more empowered life and career – or all of the above? We asked four different businesses funded by Virgin StartUp about what made 2014 the year they decided to take the plunge.

How a new breed of start-ups changed the way we travel in 2014

More people are travelling now than ever before. And no wonder. There is not only far greater choice in terms of destination, but also how you get there and the speed in which you do so. The technology behind much of the planning processes has helped to make the experience seem fairly seamless...

Was 2014 the year of the 'Music Business Entrepreneur'?

The music industry is in a state of disruption.  Amongst the driving forces for this are the three Ds of disruption; Democratisation, Downloading and Disintermediation..

2014 wasn't the year of the entrepreneur, it was just the beginning

2014 has been a great year for entrepreneurs. No doubt about it. We are in an incredible period for early-stage companies, especially technology based ones...

2014: The year entrepreneurship became the height of fashion

Was 2014 the year of the entrepreneur? It certainly felt like it. All across the world entrepreneurship hubs and start-up communities have been vying for prominence...

Can Taylor Swift be considered an entrepreneur?

At the end of last year, Richard Branson predicted that 2014 would be the year of the entrepreneur. But how has that affected artists in the music industry? Can the top musician of this year be considered entrepreneurs too? We take a look…

How did Europe fare during 'the year of the entrepreneur'?

When Richard Branson made his prediction that 2014 would be the year of the entrepreneur he based it on the global appetite for entrepreneurship that he had encountered on his travels, and nowhere has this become more evident than in Europe.

Why 2014 was the year everybody wanted to run a start-up

As the numbers increase for people who are unhappy and not fulfilled in their jobs, it's not surprising to see the world of entrepreneurship gain more attention....

Why start-ups, not entrepreneurs, dominated 2014

A cursory search on the internet for ‘year of entrepreneur’ garners 172 million search results, whilst ‘innovation in brain surgery’ gives us just over one million hits. Even a search for ‘cure for Ebola’ only offers up 30 million.

Why being an entrepreneur is about more than owning the t-shirt

It once was, and possibly still is in certain circles, the cool thing to “be in a band”. To be clear, there are those who are actually a part of a real band that work hard at making it. I have deep respect for those dedicated few who have practices, drive hours on end in a junky van to pull off a tour, eat top ramen, and sleep on couches in hopes to break through.


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